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Welcome to - your virtual A-Z of vegan protein powders. With so many companies making protein powder now, it can be tough to know whats good and what isn't. Not only that, what tastes good?!?! The truth is, no matter how good a protein powder is for you, you will have trouble forcing yourself to drink or cook with something you find unpalatable. So, we talk about not only which are the best vegan protein powders, but also, which have the best taste and mouthfeel. Vegan protein powders make a great supplement for athletes, bodybuilders, and anyone who needs another protein source in their diet.

Vega Protein Powder Reviews

Vega is one of the most common brands of vegan protein powder out there. It is very high quality, and the price confirms that - it ain't cheap. About $50-60 for the 17oz Berry flavor.You can find it at Whole Foods and specialty stores, as well as online at places like (link below). Here are the three Vega protein powders we've reviewed for you in order of preference:

#3 Vega Protein Powder Chocolate Flavor

So, I just bought the 37.8oz chocolate flavor. I can't tell you how excited I was for a smooth chocolate shake, as a nice change from the vanilla pea protein from Olympian Labs that my wife loves. I also mix a lot of hemp protein shakes - so I was ready for a change.

How do I say this without being harsh? Well, let's just say - not great. For my forst shake, I mixed one scoop (1/2 serving) and a whole banana with a 50/50 blend of almond milk and water. After blending it up for about 2 minutes (to improve consistency) I poured a cup and took my first sip.

Nasty! I tasted maybe a hint of chocolate in there somewhere, but I don't know how they get away with calling this chocolate. It's my opinion that the hemp powder contributes to the 'grassy' taste. If you want chocolate - try a different brand. Sorry!

#2 Vega Protein Powder Vanilla Chai Flavor

Second place goes to Vega Vanilla Chai flavor. Mild enough with a banana and some almond milk, better than chocolate definitely. Still, you have to deal with the hemp taste, which doesn't really go well with the vanilla. Tolerable, definitely better than the chocolate.

#1 Vega Protein Powder Berry Flavor

Of the Vega protein powders I've tried, berry is the best. If you like adding frozen berries to your smoothies, or fresh strawberries, etc etc. you'll like this the best. The taste goes well with a banana (smoothies best friend) and almond milk or water. I add just a little prune juice, and some lemon to make it sweet, and give it a zing.

Our #1 Favorite Vega Protein Powder Flavor -Berry:

Berry Flavor Vega Protein Powder  

Berry Flavor Vega Protein Powder

5 star rating

"..mixed it with a banana, organic almond milk, and a little bit of prune juice for sweetness. Not too shabby! I normally just use one scoop, or half of a suggested serving, so it's not too gritty. Blend for 2 minutes to get it smoother for a better mouthfeel."

If you like your smoothies with frozen berries, get the berry flavor Vega protein powder. It's a nice blend of rice protein, hemp protein, and pea protein. Unlike chocolate and vanilla, the hemp taste isn't as noticeable, if you just take some on your finger, you'll get the berry taste right away. Vega ingredients are organic, and you can feel good about putting them in your body on a regular basis. As with any fiber rich supplement, start slowly, abd increase intake over a few days.

Berry Flavor Vega Protein Powder Smoothie Recipe: Mix one scoop of powder (1/2 serving), with 4 oz. of water and 4 oz. of almond milk. Add one ripe banana1/4 cup of frozen mixed berries and 1 banana. Blend and enjoy!