Pea Protein Powder

Organic Pea Protein Powder.

Welcome to - your virtual A-Z of vegan protein powders. With so many companies making protein powder now, it can be tough to know whats good and what isn't. Not only that, what tastes good?!?! The truth is, no matter how good a protein powder is for you, you will have trouble forcing yourself to drink or cook with something you find unpalatable. So, we talk about not only which are the best vegan protein powders, but also, which have the best taste and mouthfeel. Vegan protein powders make a great supplement for athletes, bodybuilders, and anyone who needs another protein source in their diet.

Pea protein is one of the most exiting vegan supplements on the market. It is an incredible high quality product that requires minimal processing (similar to hemp protein in this respect). It is derived from yellow peas (Pisum sativum) more commonly known as "split peas". Most people have eaton lots of split peas in thing like soups and purées, but aren't aware of the benefits of the concentrated protein powder.

While most protein powders and shakes on the market are derived from soy, rice, dairy or eggs, which can cause allergic reactions, pea protein is 100% hypo-allergenic and easy to digest from people with dietary concerns. It is highly soluble, mixes easily and is easy to digest.

Pea protein is a plant based protein with a 65.4 biological value (BV) which is high as compared to other protein sources. The BV indicator measures the amount of biological activity of the protein itself. BV measures the actual amount of protein deposited per gram of protein absorbed. The benefits of choosing a high BV protein include: increased nitrogen retention, enhanced immunity, and IGF1 or insulin growth factor stimulation. High BV proteins are excellent at reducing lean tissue loss from varying wasting states the others with a low BV score.

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Olympian Labs Pea Protein Powder

5 star rating

"Tastes great in a smoothie. I like it as a varied protein source, and it's vegan! This jar last about half a year and I make about 3-5 shakes on average per week as a breakfast replacement."

Pea protein is not only excellent for vegans, but for people with gluten allergies, lactose intolerance, cholesterol issues, and other nutritional and dietary concerns. Here are some of benefits of pea protein powder in summary:

Benefits of Pea Protein:

  • Non-GMO
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 100% Gluten Free
  • Perfect for Vegans
  • 100% Cholesterol Free
  • 100% Plant-Based Protein
  • Highly Soluble & Easy to Digest
  • Source of Benefi cial Amino Acids
  • Environmentally Friendly Source of Protein
  • Highly Suitable for Sustainable Agriculture

Pea Protein Smoothie Recipe: Mix one scoop of pea protein powder (approx. 35-40g), 8 oz. of water, almond milk, rice milk or soy milk. Add 1/4 cup of frozen mixed berries and 1 banana. Blend and enjoy!