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Welcome to - your virtual A-Z of vegan protein powders. With so many companies making protein powder now, it can be tough to know whats good and what isn't. Not only that, what tastes good?!?! The truth is, no matter how good a protein powder is for you, you will have trouble forcing yourself to drink or cook with something you find unpalatable. So, we talk about not only which are the best vegan protein powders, but also, which have the best taste and mouthfeel. Vegan protein powders make a great supplement for athletes, bodybuilders, and anyone who needs another protein source in their diet.

Soy Protein Powder

Soy Protein powder was one of the first alternative proteins on the market for vegetarians and vegans. In recent years, there has been a demand for alternatives with so many concerns about phytoestrogens (hello man-boobs!), the processing involved, pesticides used to grow soy beans, and the use of GMO (genetically modified) seeds. Whewf! Now that we have that out of the way, there are many positives to consider when it comes to soy protein powder and new products are available all the time.

Non-GMO soy protein powder is actually quite a good vegetable source of high quality complete protein with an excellent amino acid profile, while low in fat and carbohydrates. While men may want to limit their intake of phytoestrogens, they can positively support estrogen levels in women. Soy protein powder is also a good source of Genistein and Daidzein, which have been shown to support various biochemical processes and contribute to overall health and wellbeing.

Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp protein is an excellent supplement for athletes, vegans, vegetarians and anyone who wants a highly quality protein. The best tasting hemp protein powders sift out more of the fiber to give a smoother, lighter powder for a better mouth-feel. While hemp is definitely and acquired taste, once you get used to it, many people will even eat it right off the spoon. Hemp protein powder is also perfect for cooking and can be added to just about any recipe.

Many people believe hemp protein to be the gold standard of plant protein, offering 66% edistin and 33% albumin-protein structure. Hemp protein also contains significant amounts of zinc, iron, and magnesium – minerals that are normally quite hard to get through a normal diet. Hemps fiber is 90% insoluble and 10% soluble. It is possible to get hemp protein powders with increased fiber if you are concerned about your fiber intake. A typical leading hemp protein powder will contain approximately 50% protein, 20% fiber, and 10% fat.

Rice Protein Powder

Rice protein powder is quickly becoming one of the most sought after dietary protein supplements. Rice protein is an extremely high quality, low carbohydrate vegetable protein. Easily digestible, rice protein powder contains an impressive array of naturally occurring amino acids – which are the building blocks of proteins.

Rice protein powder is a great way to boost you energy levels and nutrition. Because this product is free of common food allergens such as soy, milk, eggs, wheat, corn, nuts, yeast, and preservatives, it is well suited to individuals who suffer from food allergies or have digestive problems. Vegan rice protein powder is produced through a unique enzyme process. Organic plant enzymes are used to separate the fiber and carbohydrates from the protein portion of the organic, whole grain, sprouted brown rice. Low temperatures used during processing prevent the amino acids from being broken down. Many companies no not even use chemicals during processing, which differentiates this great protein from some of the others, like soy protein.

Consume this product like you would any protein powder. Simply add one serving to an 8oz. glass of water, rice milk, or whatever drink you prefer; it is also great ot cook with and you can also add it to any of your favorite recipes.

Pea Protein Powder

Pea protein powder is a lesser known, but extremely exciting addition to the lineup of vegan protein powders available now. Derived from yellow peas (Pisum sativum), commonly called “split peas”, pea protein is an extremely high quality vegetable protein. Unlike many of the commonly found protein powders which are derived from soy, rice, eggs, or dairy, Pea protein powder is safe for people with food allergies or digestive issues.

Pea protein yields an impressively high biological value – 65.4%. This number (called the BV) refers to the accurate biological activity of a given protein. The BV is a measure of the actual amount of protein that is absorbed by the body per gram deposited. So why does this matter? Put simply, high BV proteins increase nitrogen retention, support immune system response, and stimulate IGF (insulin-like growth factor stimulation). A high BV protein like pea protein is superior at reducing lean tissue loss from various wasting states.

By way of a unique extraction process, pea protein powder is concentrated at 90% protein content vs. 6% in normal fresh peas. Pea protein powder is soluble and easy to digest. The benefits don’t stop there… pea protein is not only idea of vegans, but is gluten-free, Non GMO, hypoallergenic, cholesterol free, and contains beneficial amino acids.

Check out our top 4 Vegan Protein Powders:

canada goose expedition parka  

Bob's Red Mill Soy Protein Powder

Non-GMO protein isolate. Easily digested and mixes nicely in smoothies, shakes or sprinkled on cereal. 100% all natural soy protein.

north face parka  

Nutiva 50% Hemp Protein Powder

Our highest quality protein powder. Contains 50% protein, 20% fiber, 11% fat. Contains full sprectrum amino acid complex, gluten free, 100% vegan. This is a raw vegan protein.

columbia whirlibird parka  

Nutribiotic Vegan Rice Protein Powder

Made from Non- GMO California brown rice. Highly soluble and mixes easily into water, juice, or any recipe for a protein boost. NO chemical processing - rice protein extracted using a purified water and natural enzyme process.

m-51 fishtail parka  

Olympian Labs Pea Protein Powder

Hi BV (biological value) protein source complete with Amino acids. Gluten Free, cholestorol free. 100% vegan. Derived from yellow peas but concentrated at 90% protein.

If you are looking for an alternative to animal based proteins in your diet, you needn’t worry. There are some really excellent products available to supplement your diet. As with any diet, it is important to carefully consider everything you are putting into your body, but also the things you aren’t. It is easy to become vegetarian or vegan and miss out on minerals like iron without knowing it until you are anemic.

Adding a vegan protein powder to your regular diet is a great way to increase protein intake, just make sure that you are getting everything else you need, protein powder of any kind is not a replacement for eating a healthy, balanced diet.